At eam erat facer molestiae

As schools remain virtual or hybrid as a result of COVID19 and more companies are requiring that employees work from home, productivity can be a challenge. We all hope to never be that employee that is yelling at our kids while we think that we are on mute during a conference call. However, even if this has been you, we hope that these tips for how to successfully work remotely with kids at home will help! 

  1. Create signs. Signs placed on your door that say “in a meeting” or “do not disturb” would help with older children. Think about questions that you are asked often, such as, “what is for lunch or dinner,” and put those signs on your refrigerator. 
  2. Utilize nap times. Try to schedule your conference calls, online demonstrations, and important work that need more focused time during your younger children’s nap and sleep times. This would allow you to be less stressed and more productive. 
  3. Rotate toys. A good idea is to have toys in bins that you can rotate to keep your child interested. If you can, put a plan together with different toys that can be hidden for a few days, then rotate them, and suddenly they become the new toys! 
  4. Prepare food and snacks in advance. A great tip is to pack lunches and snacks ahead of time as if you are going to school and work. You can also label them so that everyone knows which is theirs. Prepare snacks and bottles for your little ones in advance also. That way you are not getting distracted because they cannot find a snack. It would also be great if you have a nanny help out as then your children will not be coming to disturb you during working hours. 
  5. Ask for flexibility in hours. If waking up before your family helps to get work done, then you might want to pitch that idea to your supervisor. Managers, try to offer some flexibility if your employees need a break to get their children ready in the day, feed them breakfast, etc. They can make up that time at another point during the day. 

We hope that these tips helped. Try to have fun while your kids are at home or let them have fun. We may want to yell at them because they are distracting us from work, but remember that they are just kids. Some of them are devastated that they are out of school as well. So let us be nice to them too. They are struggling as much as we are being at home. 

In the future we will look back at 2020 and say, “we did it!”