We offer several different solutions for your Hiring and Human Resources needs. Most of our services are done as a monthly subscription, ala carte services are available as well. Review the different options below and call us at 877-816-6649 for more information! Pricing is based on the number of employees in the company, so it is affordable for ALL sizes of business.

All of our service levels provide proper EEOC reporting data, Screening Questions, Employment File retention requirements to help protect your business.

Our Certified team of Human Resources Professionals can help your company become the “Employer of Choice” in your market.


The “Professional” version of our service is for the owner that is ready to turn over their recruiting and HR needs to the Professionals. In addition to DRIVING the “Hire.Easy” recruiting process, our Certified HR Professionals provide coaching and consulting on all Human Resource issues to protect your company.

As part of the Professional level, our team will review and revise (if needed), your Employee handbook to be in compliance with current state and local employment laws, review onboarding documentation and provide Expert advice on all Employee related issues.


The “Standard” version of our recruiting service allows you to hand over the time consuming part of the hiring processes and free up your time to work on the business. Our dedicated Recruiting Coaches, Coordinators and Mentors will DRIVE the hiring process by reviewing your job descriptions, posting job ads and conducting an initial filtering and prescreening to find the top talent for your company. Working in tandem with our experts, your valuable time will be spent on only the top candidates.

You will still have access to other services that we offer “ala carte”, but it gives you the option of being a bit more “hands on” with interviewing and background checks once the initial prescreening is completed.


The “Lite” version of our recruiting service is for the company that wants to manage the hiring processes themselves but have access to our software tools and pre-built industry specific content. You have access to our full software suite to centralize and automate your job postings, along with our applicant processing system and dashboard. You also have the use of our extensive pre-built content.

We will give you some basic training and guidelines in a one on one training session to equip you with the ability to start posting your own jobs right away!


Professional Standard Lite
R4B Applicant Tracking System
Pre-built content Custom
Unlimited job postings
Job ad management
Recruiting Coach & HR Generalist Coach Only
Applicant screening
Salary surveys Additional Fee
Employee Performance Plans Additional Fee Additional Fee
Employee Termination Coaching Additional Fee Additional Fee
Employee Career Path Development Additional Fee Additional Fee
Employee handbook revision Additional Fee Additional Fee
Reference checks Additional Fee Additional Fee
Phone interviews Additional Fee Additional Fee
General HR Advise and Consulting Additional Fee Additional Fee

With the tight labor market of today, retaining employees is more important than ever! How you mentor, discipline, encourage, etc. the employee will have a direct correlation to the success your company can achieve. Our team of Certified HR Professionals is here to assist you in nearly all aspects of Managing, Attracting, Developing and Retaining employees. Here is a list of just some of what we can help with.

  • Employee Performance Management
  • Employee Termination processes and advise
  • Career Pathing Implementation
  • Employee Development
  • Manager Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Building, Updating and Coaching on Employee Handbooks
  • Company policy violations
  • Toxic Employee processes
  • Ask us how we can help!

Our Team Dynamics service is an onsite service that focuses on your team’s cohesion (or dynamic) and understanding how to get the most out of everyone. Utilizing advanced techniques and psychometrics, our experts can help your teams to work more effective and motivated to improve your company’s performance.

This service is customized for each different client’s need. Please call us to discuss the best approach!

Possible areas to work on:

  • Improving team communication
  • Team personality analysis
  • Employee Development strategies
  • Manager training and development
  • Advanced Interviewing techniques
  • Personality Conflict resolution