For decades, personality and aptitude assessments have been used as a great tool to help make better hiring decisions. Aptitude assessments are one of the most accurate predictors of job fit and offer insights about that individual you may not have known. Our assessment tools go beyond the normal aptitude assessment. After testing over 20,000 people we have been able to create 'benchmarks', by job descriptions, of candidates that have done well in that position.

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What does the assessment analyze?

  1. 1. Numerical skills: How good they are working with numbers and math.
  2. 2. Language skills: How good they are working with words and vocabulary.
  3. 3. Spatial skills: How good are they with mentally manipulating shapes and dimensions.
  4. 4. Motivation for working with People.
  5. 5. Motivation for working with Data.
  6. 6. Motivation for working with your hands.
  7. 7. Personality traits.
  8. 8. Potential behavior.

All of our reports are very easy to read and will give you guidance in your hiring and development situations, with that particular employee. We also have experts in Psychometrics on staff, that will help understand how to apply the reports to your business.

Start matching people to jobs by comparing work-related abilities, interests and personality traits to job benchmarks. Request your own assessment form today!