At eam erat facer molestiae

The idea of balance is something that seems so foreign to us after a year such as 2020. For many of us, work and life became co-mingled. There are some who would say that there is no such thing as finding a balance. However, we wanted to share some tips with you that, if practiced, will help you to achieve a better sense of much-needed work/life balance.

Schedule your day in advance - It is so easy to allow your workday to be hijacked by other activities. If you struggle to get everything done in a workday and find yourself taking work home, a good tip is to schedule your work a day in advance. Often times we tend to take home the work that we do not enjoy doing because we leave those tasks for last. We highly recommend putting the tasks that you enjoy least first on your work schedule. This will ensure that they are out of the way and you have the rest of the day to do the work that actually feeds your productivity. Scheduling your work a day in advance allows your mind to rest at night as you have a more predictable template for the next morning.

Stick to your set work hours - Going in early and consistently staying at work late actually decreases productivity as it leads to burnout. Try to stick to your set work hours. Stay focused and get through your work in the allotted time and respect the boundary of your schedule. Yes, there may be times when you have a project to complete that might take you more time during a particular part of the year, but that should not be your consistent experience.

Exercise regularly - You knew that this one was coming! Exercise is an essential function of our bodies that should not be neglected. You may think that you do not have enough time to work out, but even 5 consistent minutes of exercise each day is a great start! Feel free to start with a small goal. A good workout releases good hormones which naturally relax, balance, and destress the body.

Meet others halfway - Teamwork makes the dream work! Many of us face burnout because we have not learned the art of asking for help and delegating. If you are carrying a full load, ask for help. Do not lose a limb because you gave it to someone else. Compromise and your life will be much more balanced! Carrying the entire team is not in the best interest of you or the company.

Keep your work email off of your personal phone - This is a tough one! Do not allow work to creep into your personal life. If you truly want work/life balance, you have to separate the two. This practice is especially difficult for those that live to work. Know that you will do your best work when you set healthy boundaries. Apply yourself fully at work, but draw the line when it comes to incorporating your work emails into your personal life.

Do what you love - No one else has your interests in mind more than you do. Make sure that you make time to do what is important to you no matter what. It could be golfing, hunting, knitting, biking, hiking, swimming, video-gaming, camping, shopping traveling, etc. The website meetup.com is a great resource to find like-minded people who share your interests. Get to know yourself again. Feed what sparks joy to your heart and you will be a better you for yourself, your family and community, and your company!