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We have all had an awesome manager who encouraged us to work harder, stay longer, and improve our skills to get the job done! On the contrary, we have also had managers that made waking up in the morning and heading to work feel like a chore. Have you wondered what sets those managers apart? Continue reading for tips on how to be a better manager today!

Build Relationships

Building a balanced and professional, yet personal, relationship with each member of your team is key! A great question to ask is simply “how are you doing?” You want to also actively listen. Then, the next time you see that person and remember an event they mentioned, for example that their parent was in the hospital or they were looking for a new apartment, follow up and ask them about it. That is how relationships are built. You do not always have to talk shop. Humanize before you professionalize! Another simple but very effective way to connect with your employee is to take them out for lunch on their first day. This simple gesture tells your employee that they matter, and first impressions last forever!

Lead by Example

To become a leader who your staff is willing to follow, be sure to lead by what you do and not only what you say. If you would like your employees to show up on time, be sure that you also show up on time for meetings. If you would like your employees to provide great customer service, be sure that you are not being rude to customers. Know that you are the standard and whether or not you are aware of it, your employees are looking to you for cues on what is acceptable.

Be Accessible

You do not want to always be the one to come up with solutions to problems since this may create an unhealthy dependency. However, after the training period you want to make sure that you let your employees know the best way to reach you. If your days are packed with meetings or work that requires intense focus, be sure to let them know that they should send you a quick note via email, virtual chatroom, or text. If you would prefer them to walk in, be sure to let them know. The thing to watch out for is letting them know that your door is always open yet being frustrated when they actually take you up on it; this would break trust. Be honest and communicate your desired communication method up front. In addition, share your schedule with your team so that they can know when you are free.

Celebrate Their Wins

Whether you are aware or not, your employees are working hard to impress you. They may not say it or show it, but when they do something that adds value to the team or achieve a goal, celebrate them by saying “good job” or “that is great!” Our celebratory word here at Recruit4Business is “WAHOO!” This positively impacts our corporate culture.

Do Not Micromanage

Be sure to read our blog post on micromanagement. The first thing you want to do is hire well. If you hire well then, you do not need to micromanage. Call us if you have any hiring needs! After you have oriented and trained your employee be sure to let them know that you are there if they need you yet trust them with the responsibilities you have given to them. Have systems in place to track their performance such as targeted metrics and customer satisfaction surveys so that you can coach them when needed. Micromanagement kills creativity and productivity so be sure to watch out for that.

Practice Self Care

There is nothing worse than having a grumpy and overworked boss. This just crushes your employees and causes everyone on the team to be stressed. Be sure to take vacation, enjoy hobbies outside of work, and spend quality time with those you love. A refreshed manager is a good manager. Set positive boundaries to foster a good work/life balance.

Give Honest Feedback

Too often we avoid having conversations that we think will be difficult. If you do this, do not worry because it is just human nature. Having honest conversations is a skill and like any skill it can be practiced and improved over time. The key to being able to give honest feedback is tied to our first point. You must have an established relationship. If your employee is connected and knows that you have their best interest in mind, they will be more open to feedback. Incorporate the employee in formulating a solution to the issue. Let them own it.

Accept Honest Feedback

A key trait of a good manager is being open to employee feedback. Some of the top managers in the world know that they are not perfect and look for ways to improve every day. Do not take feedback personally and dive into the feedback to learn more about yourself and the needs of the employee. For example, an employee might give you feedback that says that you are too demanding. Instead of becoming defensive or shutting down, examine your personal contribution to the issue. Also, ask questions to see what current and future implications this may have to the success of your team and the employee. Always look for opportunity to learn and grow.

Study Your Team

You should become an expert at knowing the abilities, personalities, aspirations, and even quirks of each member of your team. What is each team member good at? What motivates them? If you cue in to these traits you can unlock the key to positively impacting the efficiency and productivity of your team. Give each person an opportunity to shine at what they are good at! We have tools to help you with this process. Our Team Dynamics service utilizes advanced techniques and psychometrics to help your teams to work more effectively to improve your company’s performance. Call us at (877) 816-6649 to learn more!

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